The truth on auto dent repairs


Many car owners are left clueless when the task of repairing a dent is unfortunately thrust before them. The easiest solution is to race to the local body shop for a conventional repair involving epoxy, part replacements, and paint. However, for many years now the prospect of paintless dent repair has become more and more popular thanks to a number of benefits. Our friends at DFW Dent Specialists have recently provided a quick cheat sheet dispelling some of the common myths and misconceptions associated with the art of PDR.

Paintless dent repair is a practice of using special tools to get beneath a dent and gently massaging it back to its original form. While it may sound like a quick push and pop procurement, it actually involves a great deal of training and skill. Think of it like cutting hair. Anyone can take a pair of scissors and start chopping away so that long hair becomes short hair – but it is a form of art requiring great skill to transform the hair into a pleasing style. The same goes for dent repair.

The greatest benefit of this repair approach is that the automobile will maintain its original factory paint. While body shops can use heating lamps when applying new paint to a conventionally repaired dent – nothing matches the quality of the baked in factory paint job. Not only does the factory paint help maintain the cars value, it also is certain to keep the appearance.

The next time you are in need of a door ding removed or more extensive hail damage repaired, look to your local PDR Specialist for assistance. But one word of warning. Many “storm chasers” may pop up on busy intersection corners or under awnings after a major hail storm hits. While some are qualified, most are not. Stick with a trusted repair shop like DFW Dent Specialist (Fort Worth).

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