Review: Vette Report – The New Leader In Corvette News

There is a new face in the world of Corvette blogging and news. In an area where magazine websites and bloggers have long ruled, a new approach to auto related information gathering is now making a stir. The new site,, is a Corvette news aggregation site that harnesses the power of the internet to bring you the most relevant daily news, articles, videos, and stories related to Chevy’s flagship sports car. The days of clicking through multiple sites, seeing the same stories, and then missing out of fresh information are a thing of the past. Vette Report is a website that filters the rumors, news, and information for you so that your valuable time is preserved without missing a single drop of info.

The site’s strongest feature is that it categorizes the stories into convenient links so that you can quickly access only the information you want to see. Are you strictly interested in Corvette Z06 videos or perhaps only the latest mid-engine C8 Corvette rumors? The topics bar gives you direct access to just these stories. Classic Vettes like the C3 Stringrays also have their own page filled with events, pictures, and stories. Even off the beaten path topics like accidents, crime, and illegal street races have their place. It is this sorting mechanism that gives visitors everything they can handle in one spot.

Behind the site is an engine that pulls articles from hundreds of sources across the internet. Even the most avid Corvette fan could not possibly browse through each site on a daily basis, so VetteReport handles the heavy lifting. Furthermore, instead of presenting recycled stories from sources like Corvette Blog or Corvette Online, VetteReport goes directly to the source and delivers the info unfiltered. Whether it is a press release from GM, the announcement of a massive festival, or a unique narrative review of a car, the stories are best told by their original source. Sending visitors straight to the source is a great feature that sets the website apart from others.

With a growing database of content that may soon surpass long standing competitors, any true Chevrolet Corvette enthusiast should consider adding Vette Report to their list of daily sites to check!

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